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Kapture Group manufactures a comprehensive line of view camera sliding backs, accessories and digital back adapters to enhance the productivity of your digital imaging and studio work flow.


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Kapture Group supports Hasselblad V, Hasselblad H, Phase One 645AF/DF, Mamiya 645AFD, Sinar Hy6, Leaf AFi and Contax 645 mount digital camera backs. Please note: Not all Kapture Group products support all of the above interface options so please check the specific item for interface compatibility or contact Kapture Group, Inc. for further information.

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Sliding BacksQuadStitchFuji GX680Bronica
A/S Rm3dLive Video
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Sliding Backs QuadStitch Fuji Stitching
Live Video TOOLBOX Trigger Control Bronica
Fuji GX680 Arca Swiss Rm3d Muli Shot


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