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High Speed / Stop Action Photography

Configuration #4

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Configuration #4 illustrates the setup for Rear curtain sync, Tail flash or Second curtain sync flash techniques. This configuration allows photographers to use the technique with any format camera. Many of the top performance shooters (car shooters) are using our system for large format special effects.

By connecting your trigger source to the input of the Universal Delay MD1707 and connecting the
non-delayed output to the Electronic Cable Release MD1202 the shutter opens as soon as the the the beam is broken. The electronic flash will then fire on a delayed basis and can be adjusted to fire just prior to shutter closure. In the studio you might want to simply use the foot switch or Sound Trigger MD1505. Just plug the sound trigger or foot-switch into the input on the delay unit.

Note: There are many more possible configurations using the optional Laser Battery pack. The 4 configurations covered on these pages are the most common.

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