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Laser Trigger MD1606 - $1295

The Laser Trigger MD1606 is designed for high speed photographic beam triggering applications. The Laser system is comprised of three components, the Laser, Receiver and Control Module. Easy setup and alignment even on location in bright light are key to the ease of operation. Combined with the Electronic Cable Release, open flash technique is a thing of the past thus opening up a whole new world of high-speed photographic applications.


Setup: Connect the Laser and Receiver to their respective ports on the Control Module and place the switch to the SET mode. A yellow setup LED will light indicating the output is inhibited. Align the Laser and Receiver keeping them on the same plane both vertically and horizontally. The green alignment verification LED located on the Laser Receiver lights when proper alignment has been established. After alignment, place the switch to the ON mode. In the ON mode the system will trigger each time the beam is broken and the Laser will turn off for two seconds. After each exposure the system automatically resets and at anytime the switch may be placed back into the SET mode to inhibit accidental triggering. A safety attenuator is located at the aperture of the Laser Module.

Note: The SET mode can be used as a standby mode between events. Its easier to aim the laser across the targeted tripping point and then move the receiver into the path of the laser beam.
The Laser works well even refracted through glass or liquids and can be used in bright ambient light.

Laser Trigger MD1606ST - $1695

In addition to the standard features of the MD1606 the ST version provides both asynchronous and synchronous TTL outputs for high-speed digital capture system.
Setup: Using the supplied multi-colored system cables connect the Laser to the Laser port and the Laser Receiver to the Receiver port located on the Control Module. Connect the OUTPUT to the input of the Universal Delay or directly into the Electronic Cable Release if delay is not needed. There are two switches located on the Control Module.

Top switch: This switch selects the mode of operation, either LOCKOUT or STROBE. The LOCKOUT mode is used for synchronous triggering and readies the system for a single event.. When the laser beam is interrupted a trigger pulse is generated and the laser turns off for two seconds. After the laser turns back on the system is ready for the next event.
The STROBE mode is used for asynchronous triggering and bypasses the two second lock out. The laser remains on and a trigger pulse is generated every time the beam is broken.

Bottom switch: This switch has three positions, OFF, SET and ON. Use the SET position to align the Laser and Receiver. In the SET position the Laser will not turn off and no trigger pulses are generated. The Receiver has a green alignment verification LED to indicate proper alignment. The yellow LED on the Control Module is a reminder to set the switch to the ON position.

TTL output : On the back of the MD1606ST there is a switch to select either a negative or positive TTL pulse. The TTL output on the Control Module connects to the appropriate input on your high-speed digital capture system using a BNC cable.

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